Since a kid I have been in the cabinet business, growing up with my dad who owned a cabinet shop in the Greater Vancouver area. I remember using a router at 13 (my mom was not to impressed lol). I took an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker out of high school and graduated. At my dad’s shop we built cabinets as well as refaced….the old way, made new doors, cut arborite in the shop then, all in hand, went back to the customer’s house with our saws, routers, belt sanders and tons of contact cement. The first thing the customer did was open the windows. It usually took us a week. Then we thought, what if we could put the Thermofoil on the cabinet boxes instead. Many failures, contact cement left lines and bubbles in the surface, white glue took to long to dry and had dry patches and everything was too messy and smelly, we gave up. Then along came Elvis, LOL, I decided to become an Elvis Impersonator a life long dream . Here’s the long and short of it, while entertaining I only worked on the weekends leaving the weeks free, during the years we did a corporate show for a large sign making company in Vancouver. I spoke to the owner and made a deal to use his commercial machines to try and produce Peel and Stick, after almost a year and thousands of dollars in wasted material, I figured it out. Then came the research, gluing things to the wall and waiting for them to fall off, to see which glue manufacture had the best product and finally it all came together. A super product, easy to cut, easy to apply, the ability to precut it into strips to make the jobsite streamlined and the best part a green product! No fumes, no dust, no saws, no sanders, a blessing for the installers!

Peel and Stick

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